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Hello my name is Johnny Bravo and I welcome you to my website.  I have been an artist since I was in middle school and  throughout college, where I studied architecture, however, it was not my calling. I got into tattooing ten years ago when I lived in Florida and never looked back. It's a beautiful way of expressing my art skills permanently on a human canvas. Throughout the years I've concentrated on  perfecting my skills to a higher level.  I am very reasonably priced and very conscientious of the recent recession. I would also like to thank all my loyal customers who have been with me throughout the 10 years. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to hear from you in the near future.




My name is Luiz Ribeiro A.K.A. Pasteur. I'm Brazilian and just arrived in America to further my artistic talent. I have a degree in marketing, but found my calling of tattooing in 2001. I was motivated by a great mentor, he saw that I had potential as an artist. In 2003 I was invited to work in Livono, Italy during the summer season, where I found one of my specialties; Tribal Polynesian. I'm very proud of the thousands of tattoos I've been doing in all the years. My goal is to make my clients happy and bring out their beauty with the art that I put on them.

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My name is Robson Cavalcante and I have been tattooing since 1998. I first started working for a tattoo shop in 1992 which awoke my passion for this profession. I traveled to many countries and acquired many skills along the way. I even set up my own studio for awhile in 1998. I came to the USA two years ago to

learn new techniques and pursue my dream.

I am a well rounded tattoo artist, as well as a piercer.

View some of my work
View some of my work
View some of my work